Inside AAM: Christine Gant

AAM is committed to raising the bar in the HOA industry. We uphold a reputation for integrity by hiring the best talent available. AAM attracts professionals from all disciplines who share our passion. Christine Gant currently serves as the Manager of AAM’s CLDP department. Hired in 2009, she has been a Certified Legal Document Preparer going on eight years, and is a graduate of Kaplan University. Gant previously worked under the Attorney General of Arizona as a child support enforcement officer before joining AAM. 


Along with her staff, Christine is responsible for preparing and signing liens, preparing small claim documents and payment plans, as well as filing annual reports and ensuring property taxes are paid accurately.

Christine’s responsibilities exceed the day to day functions of her department as she is always looking for process improvements. In 2014, Gant and her team worked diligently to implement 100% digital document recording, a new improved strategy benefiting AAM’s clients. 

In addition to county specific sites, Gant’s team now utilizes SimpliFile, an e-recording process that is becoming the standard in delivering documents for recording. According to Gant, “…since our department has implemented this new system, we have reduced the time spent on document recording by 30%. This equals a cost savings not only to AAM but our communities” allowing the CLDP department to serve our clients more efficiently. It is evident that Gant takes great satisfaction in her work, consistently delivering high levels of service. “We treat every item with priority; I have a team of motivated employees who strive for accuracy and perfection.”

Gant and her team demonstrate how we put our passion and principles to work every day, working diligently to deliver total peace of mind to the communities we serve. Outside of the office you can find Gant reading, an avid bookworm she could easily read three to four books per week. She also enjoys playing golf and hanging out with family. If you have any questions for Christine Gant or questions about the CLDP department feel free to reach out to her at


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