February 29, 2016 Arizona HOA Legislation Update #5

Below is the list of HOA specific bills and their most current status updates.

House Bill 2172

Planned communities; architectural designs; approval

Status:  2/16 Referred to Government Senate Standing Committee.

House Bill 2513

Condominiums; exterior changes; approval

Status:  2/17 Bill currently being held.

House Bill 2106

Homeowners' associations; enforcement grace period

Status:  2/18 Referred to Government Senate Standing Committee.

House Bill 2382

Property; declaration amendment; procedure

Status:  2/23 Referred to Government Senate Standing Committee.

House Bill 2612

Rental properties; prohibited penalties

Status:  2/24 Retained on the calendar of the Committee of the Whole (COW).   

House Bill 2613

Regulatory boards; licensing; revisions

Status:  2/22 Bill currently being held from House Commerce Committee with amendment.

House Bill 2656

Homeowner's associations; cumulative voting; prohibition

Status:  2/23 Passed House Rules Committee.

Senate Bill 1088

Secured residential communities; process servers

Status:  2/16 Failed to pass the Senate.

Senate Bill 1496

Homeowners associations; director removal

Status:  2/23 Stricken from the Senate consent calendar by Yarbrough.

Senate Bill 1497

Homeowners associations; Board conflicts

Status:  2/23 Stricken from Senate consent calendar by Farnsworth and Yarbrough.

Senate Bill 1498

Homeowners associations; fees; hearings; elections

Status:  2/23 Stricken from Senate consent calendar by Farnsworth and Hobbs.

Senate Bill 1499

Homeowners associations; managers; licensure; hearings

Status:  2/11 This bill will not be heard this session. AACM will work with Senator David Farnsworth next year on certification. 


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Key Dates / Links

January 6, 2017 - Session Starts 

January 30, 2017 - Last day for Senate bills to be introduced

February 10, 2017 - Last day for House bills to be introduced

April 18, 2017 - Tentative end of Session, 100th day in session  

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