About AAM: An Expert Association Management Company

AAM is one of America’s most-respected association management companies. We believe that homeowners deserve more.

We believe that great neighborhoods are great because people know each other and can take great pride in the value of their homes, the safety of the community, where they raise their family, the management of the community's assets, and the connections that people make. We know that more connected communities are great places to raise families and make your dreams come true.

That's why we are so focused on being a truly different kind of management company.  

With 25 years of community management company experience to our credit and hundreds of associations under management, we are Dedicated to Delivering Total Peace of Mind to our clients.

We are committed to taking personal ownership of the association management services we provide by:

  • Placing the best interests of the homeowners and the association first, as if we reside there ourselves
  • Demonstrating a proactive approach to solving problems
  • Providing a true level of respect for every member of every association
  • Maintaining a "walk the talk" attitude - we deliver what we promise
  • We provide training, support and tools to help you create it. We want to make sure that yours is the best possible neighborhood for you

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What Our Clients Say

"For many years, AAM has served as an invaluable part of the Tatum Highlands team. They consistently demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life in our community, and work to resolve each issue in a thoughtful and professional manner. We rely heavily on our community manager to manage the day-to-day affairs of our community, and she has done an excellent job, particularly under challenging circumstances." - Brian Burt, HOA Board Member