Community Services: Why HOAs Require Architectural Approvals

As part of an HOA’s community services program, architectural approvals help protect property values.  The association’s governing documents will outline the compliance requirements as well as the approval process.

Although many members may view this HOA requirement as restrictive, it’s really for the benefit of each individual homeowner and the association at large.  In our experience, homeowners are more than willing to comply with the architectural approval process once they more fully understand the reasons behind it.

Think about it.  The value of your home is directly affected by the homes in your neighborhood.  If your neighbors were allowed to make any changes they wanted to their homes, you could end up with an orange house next to yours, or a second story blocking your view.

The HOA architectural approval process protects your investment and ensures conformity within the neighborhood.  It maintains a pleasing aesthetic and standards within the community that current and prospective residents have come to appreciate.

To circumvent any potential bad feelings about architectural requests being denied, we recommend HOA Boards clearly communicate the policy and process to homeowners on a regular basis.  The requirements will be in the governing documents; but it’s still a good idea to frequently remind members how the policy benefits them.

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