AAM's Client Portal


BoardVue™ is AAM’s web-based client portal providing Community Managers and Board Members a collaborative platform to manage the business operations of the Association. BoardVue empowers our clients with interactive, real-time access to their Association’s records and activities, day or night.

Below is a list of unique features you will have exclusive access to with BoardVue: 

Announcements - A tool for Managers to communicate significant events, dates and information to keep the Board connected. 

Board Documents - A place for Managers and Board members to collaborate on documents.  Similar to OneDrive or DropBox.

Record Archive - When selecting a management company, you are also choosing a partner to be the custodian of your community’s records and personal data, a responsibility that AAM takes very seriously. To operate with total transparency, we have made these records fully accessible to the Board anytime, anywhere. 

Board Tasks - Project management platform that allows the exchange of tasks pertinent to the community between Managers and the Board. Create vendor bid requests, receive project updates and assign maintenance requests that are easy to track and automate alerts on.

Calendar - Communal calendar for projects and updates, community events, meetings and much more. This feature will help minimize back-and-forth phone calls and emails. 

Reports - On-demand reports of vital community information such as balance aging, architectural submittals and violation snapshots provide our Boards with real-time insight into all the critical information regarding their community.

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How BoardVue Improves HOA Management

When it comes to task management, it is more than just a to-do list; it’s the planning, prioritizing, tracking, collaborating, and managing all of your association’s needs. In order to do all of these things efficiently, management companies need to have a single platform that acts as a shared space for Community Managers and Board members to stay organized and up to date on Association business. At AAM, that platform is called BoardVue, and its primary purpose is to improve the HOA management experience.

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BoardVue has elevated efficiency through organization. Documents, Reports, and Records are updated nightly and are easy to access.

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BoardVue offers full visibility into community operations by allowing Boards to seamlessly access delinquencies, paid invoices, and the general ledger.

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BoardVue empowers Boards with the ability to be actively involved in significant community projects and provide direction and comments.

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BoardVue serves as the community information hub that provides Boards the data they need which in turn drastically cuts down on back-and-forth emails.

This powerful tool isn’t limited to just task and project management; BoardVue is an entire association library. Board members and Managers have full access to community records, financials, budgets, disclosure documents, and homeowner correspondence. Additionally, Board members can instantly run vital community reports including compliance, delinquency, paid invoices, and architectural.

Having 24/7 access to these pertinent community documents has elevated the productivity and efficiency of our working relationships between Managers and Board members. BoardVue has also proven to be an excellent time management tool, meaning our Managers have more time to spend on each community.

BoardVue is the AAM Difference