Is it Wise to Invest Reserve Accounts?

Throughout the life of a Community Association, money is collected from closings to fund reserves and/or working capital and, typically, a portion of the regular Assessments are set aside to continue to fund reserves in perpetuity.  Does it make sense to invest these dollars while they are accumulating for future repairs and replacement of the Communities’ assets?

HOA Budgets

As HOA Boards are preparing to complete their budgets for the upcoming year, we wanted to provide some important tips for ensuring that the budgets are as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

When to Hire a Professional HOA Management Company

Many homeowner associations struggle with the decision of whether to handle community management internally or with an outside company.  One of the major factors contributing to this decision is the available time of current board members.  

What is HOA Preventative Maintenance

Single family and Condo associations (HOAs) increase efficiency when they have a preventative maintenance plan in place. What is preventative maintenance? Why is it so important? And how an HOA can create a preventative maintenance program. 

Building HOA Committees

This article will explore the roles and responsibilities of Committees, the types of Committees an HOA can benefit from, and how to solicit volunteers to serve on Committees.