HOA RFP Specifications

Identifying and approving specifications prior to requesting a bid is the key to receiving a well-suited HOA management proposal. 

How to Increase HOA Homeowner Participation

Here are a few tips and tricks for attracting and recruiting new residents into your volunteer pool:

6 Tips for Planning HOA Events

HOA events are a lot of work but can certainly help build a stronger sense of community and increase overall resident satisfaction. Here are 6 tips on how to successfully plan your next HOA event. 

HOA Selective Enforcement

Selective enforcement occurs when the associations enforce specific rules upon a specific member or members and does not enforce the same rules on the entire membership.

Is it Wise to Invest Reserve Accounts?

Throughout the life of a Community Association, money is collected from closings to fund reserves and/or working capital and, typically, a portion of the regular Assessments are set aside to continue to fund reserves in perpetuity.  Does it make sense to invest these dollars while they are accumulating for future repairs and replacement of the Communities’ assets?