When you choose AAM, you can rest assured you have chosen the right management company partner. Our competitive advantages and best practices are what set AAM apart from other management companies. When an HOA partners with AAM the entire community benefits from: 

Experienced Service

Dedicated Community Managers and support staff are experienced, prepared and accessible to assist owners and provide high levels of customer service to resolve difficult situations. At AAM we focus on high caliber relationships internally which reflects on how our employees treat our customers externally.  

Prompt Communication

Communication is essential to effective management and can affect the customer experience, that is why AAM uses a strong internal support structure allowing for our community managers to dedicate more time and attention to their communities resulting in proactive management solutions and timely communication.

Reliable Customer Care

We believe interaction with homeowners is the key component to the success of a community. Our employees are held to a set of high standards and are trained to lead by example. Homeowners have access to AAM Customer Care Center – available Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm MST (including lunch hours) and after-hours emergency access where a trained AAM employee equipped at handling community emergencies has immediate access to association vendors.

Superior Training

Our success depends upon the dedication of our Community Managers and support, in addition to the volunteers who lead the communities we manage. AAM ensures that both our professionals and the Board of Directors have the knowledge and skills to help communities succeed by providing extensive and ongoing training to our employees and Boards. Topics include current industry developments, best practices, and day-to-day operating procedures.

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