Karen M. - Maricopa, AZ

We have been consistently, extremely satisfied with the performance AAM and their entire team has given to our neighborhood. Very efficient and pleasant to work with all of the staff. Pam Hilliard, Regional VP, has been the root of the success and I would highly recommend AAM to anyone!

Chris B. -San Antonio, TX

AAM has been wonderful in helping our Board of Directors perform their duties with compliance and completeness. 

James L. - Chandler, AZ

AAM is a great company!  I have been a Board member for over 4 years now as President and Treasurer and have looked into other management companies in the past and found that AAM was a great fit for our Community!

Ali A. - Canton, MI

I live in the Rustic Ridge Subdivision in Canton, Michigan. I'm currently on the Board and we work with AAM. Our Community Manager has a done a great job with following up on tasks and bringing new ideas and solutions to the table. 

Shirley L. - Albuquerque, NM

"Whenever we have needed assistance with our managerial and financial issues, Jody Willoughby has always been very responsive. Ms. Willoughby has worked very hard to assist us with the transition from in-house management to AAM as our management company. Our office staff, also has a very positive demeanor. Everyone is very competent and professional."

Scott M. - Gilbert, AZ

Our association made the difficult decision to leave our prior management company and transition to AAM. I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions we have made. The transition team at AAM did an excellent job communicating with the previous management company, Board of Directors and members to ensure everyone was informed and understood the changes that were taking place. We are so thankful we made the change and have the opportunity to work with the AAM team!

Robert G - Chandler, AZ

I'm a Board Member and President and I feel that AAM is one of, if not the best service in the Valley. They respond promptly, are very aware of our needs, and go far beyond our expectations.

Kim B. - Carlsbad, CA

After having transitioned from Continental to AAM, we have upgraded our management company 100%.  We never have anything that does not get done, and our community manager, in fact, the best manager I've ever worked with.

Brad S. - Gilbert, AZ

"So far, our experience with AAM has been fantastic. Our community transitioned from a builder-run Board to a homeowner-run Board a little over a year ago. The transition and election process was extremely smooth. AAM really went out of their way to train our transition committee and Board in how a properly managed community should operate. AAM keeps us informed of all applicable laws, rules, and general nuances of running our HOA. They do what they say they are going to do and I respect them for that. Based on my experience with AAM, I would highly recommend them to anyone or any board looking to make a change in community management services."

Glenn T. - Albuquerque, NM

Our Community Manager has taken all of the burden for managing our community from our volunteer Board of Directors.  We don't know what we would do without her!

Jim K. - Scottsdale, AZ

"We would like to praise AAM for the countless hours your team spent assisting in the build out forecast planning for our large DW communities. We presented the forecast to our Area President and VP of Finance. The reviews went very well. In fact, we were able to confidently discuss strategic options related to the communities. These discussions were productive because the forecast information was trusted by the participants. Our team recognizes your organization's valuable contributions. We will soon be calling on you to manage our next new property in Arizona."

David D. - Brownstown Township, MI

The AAM staff at our facility are always pleasant to deal with, professional and Knowledgable!

Pam S. - Mesa, AZ

"Our Community Manager is responsive, timely and communicates well with us. She is very good at identifying a risk we may be encroaching upon when we are discussing solutions to items that come up. This keeps us out of trouble and potentially prevents volatile situations with the homeowners. We have learned to trust her judgement and appreciate her input for recommendations."

Denis V. - San Antonio, TX

AAM had the difficult task of taking over for a past management company that our community was comfortable with.  We were nervous about how a new company would treat us.  AAM not only met our expectations but exceeded our expectations. I feel that AAM should be the number 1 Management company in San Antonio. I feel sorry for the communities that are not using them.

Maria C. - Avondale, AZ

"AAM services have brought our community to the 21st century! We work with fantastic staff, appreciate the HOA webpage & services, email blasts, monthly statements, newsletter inclusion. Hiring AAM last year was the best move for our community. The members are so much happier working with AAM."

Galen S. Phoenix, AZ

"AAM has proven itself to be a professional organization and yet, somehow, gives our community the flexibility in management and solutions that we simply cannot go without. I highly recommend considering taking a look at AAM for your community's management!"

Jeff G. - Chandler, AZ

"I have served on my community Board for the last 4 years and we have AAM as our community management company. They have always been a pleasure to work with and are always willing to answer any questions or help solve any problems that comes up. Great and friendly service!" 

Elsa E. - Woodside, TX

Very pleased with having AAM manage our Property. They are very meticulous in operating all aspects of managing our property to their upmost best and also communicating frequently with our Board when necessary.

Gloria C. - Albuquerque, NM

AAM has our community's back.  I am so glad we hired them

Wayne L. - Glendale, AZ

Our community manager and her staff do an excellent job. No one else has her knowledge and experience in dealing with the issues within our community. They are responsive to requests and inquiries from residents. They are also tactful and courteous even to the occasional rude individual. I don't have their patience, and I appreciate everything they do for our community.

Kellie H. - Phoenix, AZ

Our community is lucky to have the support of such an experienced team. The AAM team understands the issues we are facing, provides advice and guidance of potential issues based on actions and/or inactions, and provides the Board members with the tools we need to make wise decisions for our community.

Jim P. - Queen Creek, AZ

First class HOA management! Thank you for always going above and beyond expectations!