Association Budget Preparation 101

Know the steps your community manager takes to develop an accurate operating and reserve budget.

Why HOA Boards Benefit from Working with an HOA Management Company

When a homeowner association (HOA) Board hires an HOA management company, it often can mean the difference between success or struggles for a community. A management company can perform a number of important responsibilities on a daily basis. 

Fiduciary Responsibility of HOA Board Members

To serve responsibly, as well as avoid potential legal liability, it is important to know what your fiduciary obligations are as a Board member.

Top 10 Benefits of Living in an HOA

There are numerous benefits to living in a well-managed HOA, below is a list that we have identified as the Top 10 Benefits.

HOA Management: How to Select the Best Community Association Partner

Running an HOA involves managing a lot of projects and tasks.  So, experience and expertise should represent the initial qualifications. After you separate the best qualified HOA management companies from the less capable ones, you can delve deeper into finding the best match for your community association.