HB 2371 - HOA Omnibus Bill

Today, February 19, 2013 at 2:00PM, the House Committee on Government will consider an amendment to HB 2371 sponsored by Representative Ugenti. This information was just provided to us.

The e-mail addresses of the Members of the House Committee on Government are provided in the links below if you would like to express your position on the bill.

The Ugenti Amendment incorporates language from various homeowners' association bills including the following (it is our understanding that it is Rep. Ugenti’s intent that this will be the only HOA bill her Committee will hear and vote on this session): 

  • Prohibiting cities, towns, and counties from mandating planned communities in future development
  • Providing authority for management companies and their employees to record statutory liens and appear in small claims court on behalf of the association
  • Consolidated association filing with the Corporation Commission
  • Rental unit information disclosure and associated fees, and
  • Refunding petitioner filing fees if the petition is dismissed prior to a hearing being scheduled

 The full text of the Ugenti Amendment is available HERE

Mrs. Ugenti, Chairman
Mr. Petersen, Vice-Chairman
Mr. Borrelli
Mr. Coleman
Mr. Forese
Mr. Kavanagh
Mr. Quezada
Ms. Dalessandro
Ms. Hernandez