Legislative Update

This week is the final week for bills to be heard in committee in their house of origin. Any bill that has not been heard is effectively "dead" for the session (though a bill could still return via a "strike everything amendment", until Sine Die). The next deadline for bills is March 20, which is the final day that bills can be heard in committee without special permission.

The following is a list of HOA related bills that are in various stages of the legislative process.  Below is the bill number, a link to the bill and the current status.  

HB2084  condominiums; planned communities; associations; disclosures
Status: 2/16 passed House, assigned to Senate

SB1042  political signs; size, date regulation
Status: 1/13 assigned to Government committee

SB1091  homeowners' associations; removal; special meetings
Status: 2/16 assigned to Consent committee 

SB1385  homeowners' associations; traffic enforcement; penalties
Status: 2/16 assigned to Rules committee

SB1452   homeowners' associations; condominiums; director removal
Status: 2/16 assigned to Rules committee

SB1453  homeowners' associations; enforcement; elections; meetings
Status: 2/16 assigned to Rules committee

To review the legislative process check out the info-graphic here!