2017 Legislation Update #17

On Wednesday, May 10th, the 53rd Arizona Legislature adjourned Sine Die.

This session, lawmakers introduced 1,079 bills and 101 memorials and resolutions. To date, 352 bills have received final passage - 300 of which have been signed into law. There have been five vetoes. 

Gov. Doug Ducey now has until May 22 to sign or veto the remaining bills on his desk. Any measure that is not acted upon will become law automatically. 

This year's General Effective date is August 9, 2017. With the close of the legislative session, this will be the last Legislative Update of the year.

Below is the list of HOA specific bills this legislative session: 

House Bill 2411

Homeowners' associations; open meetings

Status: 4/28 signed by Governor, Chapter 217, Laws 2017 

House Bill 2233

Home-based businesses; regulations

Status: 5/1 signed by Governor, Chapter 228, Laws 2017  

Senate Bill 1060

Homeowners' associations; dispute process

Status: 3/27 signed by Governor, Chapter 77, Laws 2017

Senate Bill 1175

Real estate transfer fees; definition

Status: 4/28 signed by Governor, Chapter 218, Laws 2017

Dead Bills

(please note that a "dead" status may change)

House Bill 2146

Homeowners' associations; disclosure documents; agent

Status: 1/12 referred to House Committee

House Bill 2321

Homeowners' associations; cumulative voting; prohibition

Status: 3/31 vetoed 

Senate Bill 1371

Delinquent property taxes; common areas

Status: 3/23 amended in House with Striker of a campaign finance topic 

Senate Bill 1113

HOAs; artificial grass ban prohibited

Status: 1/26 from Senate Government Committee do pass  

Senate Bill 1007

Home based business; operations; employees

Status: 2/14 from Senate Committee of Public Safety do pass 

Senate Bill 1240

Homeowners' associations; streets; authority

Status: 2/22 failed to pass Senate, 13-17 

Senate Bill 1400

Homeowners' associations; assessment liens; foreclosure

Status: 1/31 referred to Senate Government Committee 

Senate Bill 1401

Homeowners' associations; managers; duties; gratuities

Status: 3/15 failed House Local and International Affairs Committee 1-6-0

Senate Bill 1402

Homeowners' associations; improvement districts; zoning

Status: 1/31 referred to Senate Government Committee

Senate Bill 1429

Homeowners' associations; electronic records; fees

Status: 1/31 referred to Senate Government Committee

Senate Bill 1288

Homeowners' associations; Board conflicts 

Status: 2/23 failed to pass Senate, 14-16  

Senate Bill 1289

Homeowners' associations; hearings; attorney fees

Status: 3/1 failed House Local and International Affairs Committee 2-5-0