2018 Arizona Legislative Update Signed into LAW

This session, there are a few bills currently on our radar that directly impact Arizona HOAs. These bills include:


HOA Priority Bills:


House Bill 2262

Condominiums; Termination; Appraisals

Status: 4/17 - Signed by Governor. Chapter. 235, Laws 2018.


Senate Bill 1084

Condo; Termination; Appraisal Dispute

Status: 4/3 - From House Rules okay with strike everything amendment


Dead Bills:

(please note that a "dead" status is subject to change)


House Bill 2308

Homeowners' Associations; Improvement Districts; Zoning 

Status: 1/18 - Referred to House Gov.


House Bill 2530

Homeowners' Associations; Declarant Control; Conflicts 

Status: 2/6 - Referred to House Local-International Affairs


House Bill 2540

Homeowners' Associations; Radar Guns; Certification 

Status: 2/14 - Failed 3-4, House Local-International Affairs


House Bill 2609

Homeowner's Associations'; Assessments; Foreclosures

Status: 2/14 - House Local-International Affairs held 


Senate Bill 1012

Private Process Servers: Authority

Status: 1/8 - Referred to Senate Jud. 


Senate Bill 1495

Condominiums; Planned Communities; Meetings 

Status: 2/14 - Senate Gov. held


Senate Bill 1080

Homeowners' Associations; Foreclosures; Assessments

Status: 1/9 - Referred to Senate Gov.