Management Services

AAM is the industry leader in condominium HOA management. We have extensive experience with condominium facilities in both high-rise and mid-rise condo projects in the markets we serve. We have the expertise and understanding of the technology to manage preventative maintenance that is critical for the long-term viability of the condo community. Additionally, AAM’s Urban Living Division, consisting of multiple condominium managers, assistant managers, building engineers, maintenance technicians, and resident service coordinators, serve as a valuable resource for both our Boards and owners.


We provide the following condominium management services:

  • Conducting frequent property inspections, often daily for condominiums with on-site personnel
  • Thorough understanding of state specific condominium statutes
  • Defining maintenance schedules and reserve analyses for proper amenity and structural upkeep, preventative maintenance and long-term replacement
  • Supervising vendors and contractors, as well preparing bid specifications 
  • Enforcing CC&Rs, Rules & Regulations and Architectural Design Guidelines
  • Overseeing on-site personnel, if applicable, and providing on-going training
  • Obtaining proper insurance and facilitating claim processing
  • Managing architectural requests