AAM Launches New Community Association Technology

Associated Asset Management (AAM), a nationally recognized leader in community association management and accounting services for clients throughout the United States, propels into 2017 with the launch of new technology, BoardVue and Live Chat, to better deliver total peace of mind to their clients.

BoardVue , AAM's propriety web-based client portal, is a powerful tool that provides Community Managers and Board Members a unique collaborative platform to manage the business operations of each Association. It enables AAM clients to have interactive access to their Association's records and activities, day or night and from any computer or mobile device.

"Our office was the first to offer a test version of BoardVue to a couple of our communities," said Janice Martinez, Regional Vice President of Central Valley Operations. "With BoardVue , our Board members are readily connected to their community's documents including announcements, Board documents, record archives, Board tasks, calendars and various reports. With access to documents in one central easy to navigate location, it has significantly increased overall efficiency, collaboration and oversight of the community's day-to-day operations. This new revolutionary system was developed specifically to further deliver peace of mind to our clients." 

"As a true partner of our clients, we recognize and appreciate that in order to ensure AAM consistently provides the level of care our client's deserve, we need to first establish for them a high level of trust," said Amanda Shaw, President of AAM. "We understand that a high level of trust must be earned by being transparent, communicative and accountable while empowering our clients to be well-informed. This is precisely why we developed BoardVue, to equip our Boards of Directors with a set of tools and resources to help effectively lead their communities while also enhancing their experience as volunteer Board members."

AAM now offers a Live Chat feature available through their website to help better serve their homeowners. The Live Chat function is located on their www.homeownerresources.com site, positioned at the top of the homepage. Available during normal business hours, it can easily be activated by clicking the Live Chat icon and simply entering your name, email, topic for chat. Within minutes, homeowners are able to connect live with one of AAM's highly trained customer service professionals that are ready to assist and provide a solution. 

"We recognize the true value of our homeowner's time," said Amanda Shaw. "As an industry leader, we are continuously developing ways to broaden our depth of resources and increase the overall satisfaction of our homeowners and Boards by consistently elevating the level of service, adaptability and accessibility we provide."

To view AAM's online press release, please click here

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